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English - July 16, 2021

The role of the Songwriter in music

A single desire: to be a songwriter. Sentimental and funny artist, that we want discover. As well as how to believe in your dreams.

Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of “I’m Luna Dolph – Life & Reality”. I am Luna, and I thank you for being here with me. In the last episode we talked about painting with the Art Collection Manager, Raffaella.

Today I would like to talk about a new topic, always linked to art. It is about music, a vast universe full of nuances. I contacted a young singer-songwriter, Maurizio Pallotta (YoutubeInstagram). Maurizio discovered his passion when he was a child and still continues to cultivate it. He will give us important advice on how to react to the disappointments. Finally, he will tell us about his work experience as a songwriter and his future projects. Let’s get to know it together!

The departure of a young Songwriter

Me: Hi Maurizio, it’s a pleasure to meet you!

M: Hi Luna, my pleasure. I’m happy to be here, I greet all friends.

Me: So Maurizio, can you tell us a little something about yourself? Our listeners will be curious to meet you, just like me.

M: Yes Luna. My name is Maurizio, and since I was a child I’ve always had the desire to be a singer. Today I’m a songwriter. I sing and write but, above all, I sing what I write.

Me: So, yours is a passion born when you were a child! You haven’t gotten into the music business recently.

M: M: Yes, it was born when I was a child.

Me: Personally, I approached music a little while ago. I haven’t had the chance to know the notes, the pauses, the instruments before. Often, I like to watch concerts online. I find it exciting to see a person who, with her voice, manages to excite a crowd of people. They become one, the crowd accompanies the singer with his voice and it’s pure magic.

The choice to become a Songwriter

Me: Maurizio, can I ask you, why did you decide to approach this universe? What led you to music?

M: From an early age, or at least for as long as I can remember, I have always had the desire to sing. You know, when someone asks you the question: “What do you want to do when you grow up?”. Some of my friends replied: the astronaut, the doctor. I’ve always had the only desire to be a songwriter.

I have a mission inside, a message to bring. I have to take this message to all the people around me. As long as I have someone by my side, I have to keep telling something.

Where does a Songwriter’s inspiration come from?

Me: The thing I like most about your job, is that you write your songs.

M: Yes Luna, I write my songs.

Me: It must be wonderful ,to be able to communicate something through the writing, and interpretation, of a song. But, where do you get your inspiration from? In fact, I’m curious to know, as an artist, if it’s a simple thing.

Is inspiration something you constantly look for, in your days? Or maybe, does it come by itself, at any moment, and surprise you?

M: Effectively, I look for inspiration. In fact, to do this job, a person must have a very great sensitivity. Me, I get excited about every story that is told. And, when I see some landscape, I take advantage of the silence of nature.

Here, I always find something that inspires me to write songs. So many stories, even that of a homeless. In fact, one evening I found myself talking to a homeless man, who told me the story of his life. So I wrote a song.

So, I’m always looking for inspiration, to then put it into practice with music. Let’s say, thanks to the soul I have inside.

Me: Maurizio, I can’t believe that a less fortunate person has told you his story, and you have managed to create a song. I believe that an artist must be like this. He should be able to take inspiration from anything, at any time.

Turn feelings into words

Me: So, in your lyrics you don’t talk about an ideal world in which you would like to live. We can find, among the words, yourself. Your feelings, your thoughts. Am I wrong?

M: Yes Luna, actually I write about everything. Something imaginary, like a world that I would like, in fact. Or a situation, for example: a love story. Really everything.

There is no strict rule for my writing. I write some really dramatic things, at times. Other times, very ironic and funny things. Like the song that will be released this summer (we’ll talk later, ed.). I have these two souls, which are within me.

A Songwriter with two souls

Me: So, when we talk about you, we can refer to a double soul. On the one hand, we have joy and cheerfulness, on the other, reflection and disturbance. In this way, you can fully enter into all situations. You can experience any expanded emotion and explain it in the best way.

M: Right, right. Believe me, it’s nice to have these two souls, in fact. Because you discover you have a world inside. It doesn’t come overnight. This is not about bipolarity. This is really a world, that passes from a profound thing, to a more cheerful one.

This thing makes you discover new horizons, especially in the world of inspiration.

Me: Two souls that meet and create. But, among all your songs, is there one that has remained in your heart? Maybe in the writing process it touched you particularly. I believe there is always a creation that represents us more.

M: You know Luna, as a songwriter, every song I write is like giving birth to a child. So, I’m in love with all the songs I’ve written.

Let’s say that one, in particular, has remained in my heart. This is the song I wrote for my grandfather. Every time I listen to it, I stay a little bit outside of reality.

We all have bad moments in life. We find an escape, perhaps through social media, or towards someone or something interesting. In those moments, I get close to music and singing.

Love for sharing

Me: Maurizio, I would like to ask you a somewhat personal question. Are there, sometimes, songs that you write just for yourself? Or do you like more to share with the people around you? You know, I think it’s normal for an artist, to feel the need to be alone, every now and then.

M: No no, I always try to involve the public. I sing for myself, and for everyone. Also, I write for myself, and for everyone. I don’t want the songs to be only mine. As I said before, when you bring a song into the world, it has to be part of everyone. Maybe some like it, some don’t, but I try to do this. In fact, it’s important for me to write stories and spread them to people.

Me: I find your desire to share your stories really wonderful. I believe that not everyone, is ready to let go their creations. Sometimes there is a little bit of jealousy, or fear.

The disappointments in the career of a Songwriter

Me: Let’s talk a little about your path, Maurizio. You started when you were a child. With your strength, you have made your way into the world of music. You’ve also brought home goals throughout your career. But, this world is not always positive.

Did you find any closed doors on your way? I mean, did you feel rejected or did you always find the easy way to go?

M: Over the past few years, there have always been doors closed in front of me. But, despite everything, I moved on. I can say, however, that it is beautiful. Because, after some disappointments and some failures, in quotation marks. Because, after a closed door, there is always a failure. You have to do a research in yourself, to understand where you went wrong, where to improve.

And, after so many disappointments, today I found a new reality. The recording reality, with which I am collaborating. I don’t mention the name out of luck. However, after so many closed doors, it’s nice to find an open door.

Me: Maurizio, I really wish you to continue with this open door, then. Maybe, we will meet, in the future, to talk about these new projects.

Getting up to face disappointments

Me: You told me that, in front of the closed doors, you got up and went on. I am sure that many listeners have also encountered obstacles, along their path. Maybe, they fell for it.

I believe it is important to receive some “No”, in order to grow and learn from mistakes. Do you have any advice for listeners, who find themselves in this situation? I guess it is difficult to accept defeat, when you are approaching such a difficult world.

M: Absolutely. I recommend not to get down on it. Also, to always believe in themselves. Sooner or later the goals will come.

I am a great dreamer, and I never gave up. After a closed door, I always found the strength to go on and show that this was my way. So, don’t get down on yourself, and go ahead to follow your dreams and desires. Sooner or later, something will come true.

Me: You’re right, it’s always important to believe in your dreams. But above all, it is important not to give up. I remember that I had a dream, that of knowing the world. Despite having encountered many obstacles and negative opinions, I have moved on. And I’m glad I did, because I got here. Initially, through research, now with all of myself.

The reality of social media seen by a Songwriter

Me: But, I notice more and more, that people tend to want to run away. Often, they don’t appreciate their surroundings and this is a shame. I think social media helped these people escape. Initially it was a gradual thing, but now it is changing. I find it as if the internet is sucking people’s lives.

What do you think about it? I guess you often use the internet.

M: I think today is the best way to advertise. Social is really useful, if used correctly. Obviously, there is no rule to follow. Let’s say, even outside of music, for example for a dish. Today you make a story, and post it on Instagram or on social media. And maybe that dish becomes very popular.

And it’s nice, because, today, it’s the best way to be successful,

I’m a bit anti-social, that is, I don’t dedicate much time to the social. Because I like to live in the moment more than to share. However, I fully share the idea of social media.

Me: Of course, if used in the right way, they can be a great help, especially for artists.

The places in the heart of a Songwriter

Me: Maurizio, you said you like to live in the present. Are there any places that have left their mark on you, as an artist? That inspired you on your journey. Even shows, maybe.

M: There have been various shows, concerts, which I have attended. Every time I go to a concert I get excited, because I always discover new things. Beyond concerts, music sung and played live, I really like museums.

In Castel di Sangro, I went to the Pinacoteca Patiniana. Where I discovered the painter Teofilo Patini. Thanks to his poetics and his painting, expressed on the canvas, I was struck. From there, new thoughts were born, new destinations to be discovered with the soul.

Then, I like a lot the places. That is, the mountains, the sea. I like to discover, travel, with the waves and with nature. I like it a lot and I also get a lot of inspiration there.

Me: You are lucky, you have nature. Something immense, colorful, cheerful. Something that always gives new emotions. But, in addition to places, I also find people important.

Music to connect people

Me: For this, I would like to know your relationship with people, through music.

M: M: I’m a positive guy. That is, I don’t like being the center of attention. I prefer to be in the center of the landscape. In fact, I hope that, with music, all of this comes. When my music is a part of people, I love it! I like when there is a group, on vacation, who send me stories with my songs, while having fun.

This is a major part of my life. Beyond music and art, I like to mess and reflect the people’s fun.

Me: I like positive people! There is always something to share, and a reason to rejoice together.

A different start

Me: Maurizio, I’m curious to ask you something. When you started your career, did you immediately choose to be a songwriter?

M: No, Luna. I approached music in a different way. After ten years in the profession, I discovered a different side. That is, that of writing.

My journey really begins as a child. When I only approached the world of singing. Then studying, in music, I discovered that: my true soul was to sing the things I wrote. I started on a totally different path. In fact, today I write pop, commercial and pop music. But I started with classical music, I studied piano and guitar and lyric singing.

From classical music to pop music

M: So, I sang opera music for five years. It is a totally different world from today. However, thanks to classical music, I had the pleasure of collaborating with maestro Edoardo Vianello. I collaborated with him on his shows for several years. Here, I really understood my soul. That is, my desire to write and sing what I write.

Music seen through the eyes of a Songwriter

Me: Maurizio, now I would like to put you in a bit of trouble, with a particular question. What does music represent for you? I mean, is it more a refuge to hide in, or a way to get out completely and let off steam?

M: I see music both ways. Both a refuge and an outlet. Because, when I enter that shelter, I need to let off steam. This is demonstrated by the fact that I have received many closed doors. Behind these closed doors, I take refuge and write. Even after various life experiences, which gave me something negative, I took refuge and wrote.

And then, when I write, I go out, and it’s beautiful. There are these two souls, who talk to each other, and then I write.

Me: I thought I was putting you in trouble, but I couldn’t! You can see that you have very clear ideas about your career, I really admire this side of you.

M: M: You know Luna, I’m a great dreamer. My biggest dream is to participate in the Sanremo festival. And one way or another, I will participate in it.

Past experiences

Me: When you talk about your work, I can feel the passion you put into it. I imagine that in your life, you have had some unforgettable experiences. There will be many projects that have left their mark on you.

And there will also be tons of plans for the future, in your mind!

M: So, Luna, in 2015 I came out with my first record. It’s called “You can’t always lose”. This is a totally different record from the person I am today. Now, I’ve got to know the real me. The first disc reflects my first musical experiences as a songwriter. Obviously, today it no longer reflects me.

I can say that my first record was a “disappointment”, from which I learned a lot. I grew up and took some securities.

Future projects

M: As for future projects, there are singles. On Friday 16th July my new single will be released, entitled “Dalle stalle alle stelle” (in Eng: From the stables to the stars) (listen it on Spotify!). It is a song about the double personality of a couple. The two, don’t know if they want a romantic or a more languid story. Either way, there will always be a happy ending.

Me: As you will have understood, I’m a very curious person, Maurizio. And I have to ask you something more about the song. Is there any secret behind the writing of it? Maybe, an inspirational muse?

M: For each song I write, I have a different inspirational muse. For this song, this story inspired me, which doesn’t know which direction to take. The two young, both pretend to be a bit more “hard” rather than romantic. Eventually, it turns out they were a romantic couple. They didn’t want to admit it but, from this story, we then have a happy ending.

Me: Great! I’ll run to listen to her as soon as she’s out! It seems like a very fresh and light story!

Do you have other projects in mind or, for the moment, do you want to focus on the release of the single?

M: No, I also have other projects in mind. Like making a cd, consisting of several singles and, of course, various video clips. I’m also trying to do a musical. However, everything is still in the works. I don’t say anything else. Maybe one day we will meet again and talk about it.

The words of an artist as an example

Me: Maurizio, I would be really thrilled! For now, I can only wish you the best. I wish you to be able to find many open doors and to realize your projects. Thank you for your words, they will certainly be important to those who listen to us. I think it is always useful to have the testimony of an artist. I also thank you for the valuable advice. We always need someone to show us the way and help us not to give up.

M: Thank you Luna and I greet all the listeners. I think one thing, Luna. That every goal or point of arrival is always a starting point. And that there is never an end point. Life always teaches us, we are never ready to be there. There is always a new beginning.

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