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English - July 31, 2021

Giuliana, mother painter in a males world

Is art a woman? How can a sparkling painter, reconcile passion and work as an artist with the many commitments of a mother?

Welcome everybody! Since I’m more and more immersed in the art world, from this tenth episode (oh yes, it’s already the episode 10…) I make a little change to the podcast name… From Life, to Arts! So, welcome to the first episode of “I’m Luna Dolph – Art & Reality”. In the last episode we spoke with the musician Gianni Rocci. Gianni reminded us how important it is to stay grounded in his work.

Today we return to painting, in a new point of view. With us there is a girl who, in addition to being a painter, is a full-time mother. I’m talking about the painter Giuliana Amorosi (jule_itsanartlife on Instagram). Let’s get to know her together!

A painter who inspires herself

Me: Hi Giuliana, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’ll explain how I got to you. I have recently discovered your world and, now, I am curiousing here and there. Then, I became passionate about art and, more specifically, painting.

I have noticed, however, that there are many more male figures in this context. So, I did some research on female painters and ended up on your Instagram profile. By the way, you have a really colorful and curious profile!

G: Hi Luna. I am a painter, basically this is what I do. So, I can say that it is my starting point. I paint, I draw, I like to experiment a lot. But, basically yes, I’m a painter.

Me: I studied your profile very well. From what I have seen, you prefer to represent female figures in your paintings. Can I ask you the reason for this choice and, above all, where do you get your subjects from?

G: The starting point of my subjects is me. Everything revolves around my emotions and what I feel. Consequently, I take myself as an example as a female figure, as a female body. I try to transport myself in that sense. So, through the female figure.

Painting, a world made of details

Me: Giuliana, I would like to explain you what I like most about the world of painting. The possibility of being able to print details, on a canvas. I can see a person and be struck by her hands or her eyes. The magic is being able to reproduce those details on the canvas.

But, the details, are also what you focus on most in your paintings. Shades of the female body, which convey something. What message would you like to send through your choice?

G: The female body is very important. Bodies, in general, are very important. They always give a message. They always tell a story. What I paint is sometimes wrong, distorted. But, that’s the way it is, because it wants to normalize certain issues. Or, simply, he sees beauty in a silhouette, in a breast or in a detail. All this beauty is so great that you want to portray it.

The experience of a painter, told in her paintings

Me: So, within your works, we can see your thoughts and feelings. How is painting related to your personal experience?

G: Anyway, Luna. All my experience, all that I have tried, is in the paintings. My experiences are many. Even that of becoming a mother or losing someone very dear. All this, is transmitted in the paintings. But also take a trip, see something new. Inevitably, even a color. It can enter you and, unwittingly, you want to represent it on canvas.

A whole mix of emotions, situations, places. And it is so beautiful. Because it is very open and free.

Me: I find your point of view very interesting, Giuliana!

The first painting of a young painter

Me: But, I’m very curious to know one thing. Do you still remember your first painting?

G: My first painting? If I’m not mistaken, on canvas, I loved Gauguin very much, the pre-impressionists, let’s say. So, I liked to do them again, put them back on canvas. I think my first painting was a painting by Gauguin, in oil. An imitation.

Me: We always start from an example in order to take flight!

Where does a painter paint?

Me: I imagine that, an artist, in order to create, needs a place of his own. Silence, calm, the right light. You, however, are different. Maybe, you don’t need a dark and quiet office, to be able to create. In fact, you can express yourself everywhere, can’t you?

G: Yes, besides that, I have a son, who is not silent at all. So, yes, now I work directly from home. In my kitchen. Kitchen and atelier, this is my status as an artist.

However, when you have the instinct to want to immediately throw it down, no matter how or where, importance is given to doing. Art is freedom par excellence. Therefore, we must not dwell on the spot, on what surrounds us. Just express yourself and create something.

Painter and mother at the same time

Me: So, you said you have a son! I’m curious if this has led to any changes in your art. Have you changed the way you express yourself and create, since you have a child?

G: Someone told me that once I became a mother, I would have to throw everything away, and that I would no longer be able to paint. Instead, it was my son who woke me up. I was a little drowsy, he woke me up. He said “Hey, come on, paint!”. We share a lot of art together.

Indeed, he sometimes helps. Children have a very direct approach. He is really focused even when he only pulls one line. So, he gives me strength. I wish I had the determination that I see in him, when he starts painting or dirtying.

Me: Incredible! I think it’s great to be able to share your passion with a loved one!

What difficulties does a painter meet along her path?

Me: Instead Giuliana, outside, did you find obstacles? Have you encountered closed doors along your path?

G: In smaller contexts, the walls are less noticeable. In reality, however, there are. There are not many women in art. Or rather, there are many, but they do not have the same importance. Or in any case, they are not given the same importance, compared to men. Instead, there are many very good artists, starting with Gentileschi, to get to the Guerrilla Girls. They took up this famous phrase: “Museums are full of female nudes, but how many female artists are there?”. This is something interesting.

Freedom on the part of a woman is a frightening thing. Because, she is so beautiful, and so wide, and so colorful, that men no longer hold her in check. Now, I don’t want to fall into some cliché, but it’s the truth.

Me: Your message is very clear and very sincere, Giuliana.

The advice of a painter

Me: In this regard, I would like to ask you a question. Do you have any advice for people who are approaching this world? Many encounter obstacles and decide to give up.

G: If it’s something you truly believe in, then, you feel bad if you don’t paint. When you don’t even draw a drawing, you don’t draw a sketch, and you suffer from it. So yes, that’s the way to go. Of course, it is difficult. It’s not easy for me either. I’m not at a very high level yet, of course. So, it’s always tough. As you get to conquer one thing, there is another climb to climb. You always have to get to the top.

There is always something to do. But it is also beautiful, it is full of stimuli in this way.

Me: You’re right Giuliana. I think it is important to believe in your dreams and not let them escape. Sooner or later, the results will come.

Not only painter and mother, also musician!

Me: But, that’s not all. I have seen that you are not only interested in art. You also love music!

I would like to tell you something. The world I come from, has always been very quiet. I lived in very heavy noises. When I discovered your world, I discovered the colors, the music, the joyful sounds. From that moment, I started listening to all kinds of songs. I fell in love with country music. Every now and then, I lock myself in my room and start singing and dancing. This makes me feel truly free, like I’ve never been.

What is your relationship with music? Do you play any instruments?

G: Singing, dancing, making art, is what gives most freedom. So many things force us, Luna. How, perhaps, your world forces you to, ours forces us to.

So, there are so many things we can’t escape from. Many walls, as we said before. Making art, making music, is one of those rare things that give freedom. What an artist gives is his value, his product, his result, and it is only the result of creativity and uniqueness.

Yes, I really like music. I often propose it again in my works. And sound. Now I am dedicating myself to the bass. Basically, I make noise on the electric guitar. Victor, my son, when he wants, accompanies me with the drums. In a few years, maybe, you will do a different interview with us, as musicians.

The son following in his mother’s footsteps

Me: Incredible! So, your son is follow in your footsteps too! With both painting and music?

G: He, unfortunately, has to endure everything I do, living with me. However, it is really important. Children, more than us, are unable to express themselves. But maybe not even me.

All the more reason, children are not fully aware of the weight of words, of vocabulary. I think it is very important for them to play or paint. Because this is a way of expressing oneself. And you have to let them do it.

How does a painter live the relationship with social media?

Me: Now, I want to put you in a bit of trouble. Earlier, you said your world is complicated. When I look around, I see that many people try to escape from it. Almost always, they take refuge behind social media, on the internet, behind a screen. It seems their lives are wonderful. But, I think these are fake lives, with no feelings. They cannot have a hug, an exchange of glances. I, I lived in that world, and I can say that there is nothing so beautiful.

What is your relationship with social media? And, what is, above all, the relationship of your art with social media?

G: Unfortunately, social networks are not born for art. This thing is true. However, they remain one of the best showcases to connect to the whole world, to be seen everywhere. Obviously, everything behind it is never the whole reality. I’ll tell you too.

When I make reels or videos, maybe there is Victor coming, or mom calling me from downstairs. Everything is never like that. They cut themselves, or, indeed, you take it for granted. Victor comes, makes a mess and you put it in the video. We always try to give the best version of us. I like to give the worst version of me. Getting used to who we really are. To the most genuine things, mistakes.

Accept yourself, always

G: Connecting to the speech above, having a different body, stretch marks on the stomach, should not be classified or judged. It just needs to be normalized. These are the most important concepts for me. Basically, I don’t like to judge. I observe. Yes, I observe, and try to understand. In fact, I have a very flexible mind, and this allows me to wander a lot. I think it is important, especially for those who make art or things like that, of creativity.

Me: So, it would be more fair to show yourself on social media. What you really are. Because, every body, with its strengths and weaknesses, is a work of art.

G: Yes, that’s right. There is always some sort of confidentiality that must be maintained. That is important. Not all of your private life should be shown. You have to be careful. You have to show what you prefer and that it is attached to your work. Don’t stray too far. Always be yourself. Give the same message, and look for people who want to keep seeing those messages. To see the stroke of your hand. Maybe, even seeing your son pisses you off (can’t we say this?…). However, always within the limits.

Me: Of course, social networks must be used wisely. It would be interesting to educate on the use of social networks.

Bringing painting to shine thanks to the work of artists

Me: But, you said that art is not a very privileged sector of the internet world. This is a real shame, because it is a rich world full of things to discover.

Do you believe that, through your art and your message, something can change? I think it is important to make people understand that painting and art must emerge more and more.

G: So many things are important in this world. Music too. The mental elasticity that I told you earlier is an overview. It means truly understanding. This is important. This, I think, is the essential thing. Art, which is a creative process, must be taught.

Art must be taught in schools. We have to get into the habit of going to the museum, taking our children, showing them something different. I cry in front of some paintings, I get excited. These new, interactive, completely digital exhibitions are also interesting. Are beautiful.

So, in my opinion, we should educate more about culture in general, starting from children, from schools. Encourage this kind of thing.

Me: Giuliana, what you said is important. And it is also important to be able to see the art with your own eyes. To understand it, it is useful to see and get excited.

The places in the heart of a painter

Me: For this reason, I would like to ask you if there was a place that particularly moved you. Is there a place that brought you closer to the world of art? I’m sure it would help our listeners a lot to get your advice.

G: First of all, I have a lot of thanks to my parents, because I traveled a lot with them. It doesn’t matter where, the important thing is that you step outside for a moment. How to get out of the box, but traveling, which is even more beautiful.

So, any place: even a walk, a trip out of town, an ice cream in another bar. Everything is important. It enriches you. My favorite places were, for example, the TATE in London. Italy, then, is full. I would like to return to the gardens of Bomarzo, which were rediscovered by Dalì. We had abandoned them.

There are many beautiful places, even in Italy. Beyond that they are open-air museums. They come to mind: the Forums of Rome, or Agrigento. Open or closed, they are wonderful. Go, turn, see!

Luna, go! I’ll take you there, if you want! We are in a wonderful country.

Me: I really have to do some trips and visit new places! I’m sure the world is full of beauties to discover!


Me: Now I would like to ask you a question regarding your profile. I noticed something that, unfortunately, I did not understand well. Could you explain to me what the Milfit concept means?

G: Milfit are pieces of heart for me. They are really a very important thing. A creation born for fun. A pun between Milf and Misfits, which is one of my favorite bands. There is also a series, but I’m talking about the group. Misfits means disadvantaged.

This pun made me laugh. I liked creating this character, who are “disadvantaged” mothers. In a very ironic key. So, I started drawing. I also see myself in this thing. When I was intertwined with the chain of Victor’s pacifier as a child, and I was there for half an hour. When you put on your new dress, you feed it and it gets dirty with baby food. I mean, when he makes trouble for you around the house. Then he is spiteful and always makes jokes on me.

So, I liked this idea. The message is the most serious part behind this figure. Hope it expands. There is no manual in life, neither for parenting nor for being a mother. Consequently, instinct and who we are is the best way to be close to our children, and raise them.

I ask mothers never to condemn other mothers, not to make hasty judgments. Simply, to force each other out. Because, Luna, one thing we have lost with social media is being cooperative with each other. Give us strength, support us. Hug us. As you said. This should happen more often, we should think about it more often.

Milfit, the lifestyle of a mother painter

Me: Interesting! Is this concept linked to your way of life?

G: It connects to my art. Sometimes we paint together, my son and I. By the way, one of the last paintings I sold, was one of the paintings, painted with Victor. This was a surprise, a particular emotion. He lowered my price, of course, but it doesn’t matter!

However, it was very nice. He has a determination, a much more savage approach. But also much more direct, so he’s handsome. I find it wonderful to paint with him, and to mix what our lives are, on canvas.

Me: I think this is a very important message! Mutual help between mothers is needed. And it’s really wonderful that you want to get this message out! Also, I find it nice to be able to share your passions with the people you love.

The future projects of a young painter

Me: As for the future, do you have any plans in mind?

G: Sometimes it is a little difficult to answer this question. Because, the mood of an artist is always difficult. I also make a great effort to say “artist”, because it is not even conceived as a word. Artists are classified as starving.

Actually, I say “artist”, because I don’t just paint, I also like to print, to photograph. However, our mood is not always the same. Exactly, because it is a creative process. Something you don’t do on command. Sometimes, you want to do tons of projects. Sometimes, you are completely listless.

So yes, the desire to do is there. Sometimes, you have to stop for a moment, regain strength, relax. And then resume. I hope that, for this summer, I will be able to do some personal, at least here in the area. Then, between Castel di Sangro and Alfedena. Now let’s see! I don’t want to anticipate anything! So I invite you directly, Luna!

Me: Giuliana, there are a thousand other questions I would like to ask you. But, I think it would take too long. For now, I have to thank you for your time. I wish you the best. And, who knows, maybe one day we will find ourselves talking about some of your news!

G: Hopefully soon, Luna! Thanks to you, you were very kind to invite me! I’m very happy. I hope I have well expressed some concepts that are really important to me. Thanks again!

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