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English - June 25, 2021

Cosplay and videogames, two worlds that meet together

Today we are with Icon Stitch. A girl who started a career as a Cosplayer and, thanks to the costumes she creates with her own hands, she has come a long way. Let's get to know it together!

Me: Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of “I’m Luna Dolph – Life & Reality”. I am Luna, and I thank you for being here with me. In the last podcast we talked about the magical world of Disney, we met the world of Cosplay and photography with GiorginaDee.

Today we follow the topic of the last podcast. We will talk to Federica, iconstitchcosplay on Instagram. A young girl who has really come a long way in a few years. She started a career as a Cosplayer and, thanks to the costumes she creates with her own hands, she has come a long way. Let’s get to know it together!

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Hi Federica, it’s a pleasure to meet you!

F: Hi Luna! What a pleasure you found me! Meanwhile, the pleasure is all mine.

Me: Last week we talked about Cosplay with a girl. Then, I got very passionate about the subject and did other research. I found some comics online and had a blast reading them! Visiting your profile I saw your creations, I was really impressed with the precision with which you reproduce some characters.

F: Thank you so much for the compliments. Did you find me on social media then?

Cosplay, a work linked to social networks

F: Let’s say that we Cosplayers basically work, or in any case, we follow this hobby, this passion, both on social networks and in comic fairs. Fairs that are not there now, due to Covid.

However, we continue, we do not give up. And you can find us on social media, on Instagram, on TikTok, but you already know this.

Me: As you will have understood, I am a very curious girl. In fact, I have seen some videos of comic fairs, I did not believe there was such a vast world. I’ve found that people can relate to a character in a really perfect way. But, I still believe that each person experiences their passion in a different way. Some of the things I’ve seen have left me surprised.

Cosplay from Federica’s point of view

Me: People are able to create hairstyles, clothes, weapons, independently, with their own hands. I would be really curious to know what it means, for you, to be a Cosplayer. I wonder if you’ve been to Disneyland. Last week we got to know this magical world and, really, I can’t stop thinking about it.

F: So Luna, being a Cosplayer, basically, means playing a fictional character, therefore from the world of video games, in my case. But also of comics, anime and TV series.

Differences between the world of Cosplay and the world of Disneyland

F: And yes, as you say, I’ve been to Disneyland. This thing might look a little like the world of Cosplay. And I imagine you will know, in Disneyland, if you have been there, that there are so many characters that are played by some actors or dancers.

So, it’s not quite the same as being a Cosplay, but it comes very close.

Me: Yes, you’re right, the world of Disneyland approaches that of Cosplay, but they are not exactly the same. There are important differences, especially because, in the park, there are actors playing roles. In the world of Cosplay, on the other hand, you have much more freedom, you can choose a character, interpret them for a while and then change. I believe that Cosplay is a more intimate and personal thing, especially thanks to the creation of your own costume.

How was the passion of a young Cosplayer born?

Me: I searched your profile a bit and noticed that you started working in this world a few years ago. So in no time you have come a long way. Can I ask how you got into it?

F: You tell me about Disneyland, which I think is my absolute favorite place in the world. I wish I was there every day of my life. And maybe, for that too, I became passionate about Cosplay.

However, seeing so many characters, played by the actors, as I told you before, is always very nice.

Disney as an inspiration to start the Cosplayer journey

F: I’m a huge fan of Disney, especially Lilo and Stitch, hence my name, Iconstitchcosplay. Definitely, I love Disneyland.

As I told you, I’ve been a Cosplayer for many years, for about fifteen years, that’s a lot. This is a passion that I have been carrying around for a long time.

Cosplay, an unexpected success

Me: Incredible! Cultivating one’s passion for fifteen years, truly incredible! This reminds me of a question. Did you expect to be able to have so many people that follows you, or was it a surprise for you, to be able to turn a simple passion into a job?

F: You’re right, I didn’t think I could make Cosplay almost a second job. Because, for a long time, it has also been. So, yes, it’s a passion that surprised me. It surprised me because it opened up a big, big, world ahead of me.

Me: Really interesting, Federica! I think it’s really nice to find that you’re good at doing something you like to do. It must be a great satisfaction.

The creation of a Cosplayer’s clothes

Me: The more I look at your profile, the more I am surprised by the perfection of the details of your costumes. You have to tell me a secret. Do you create costumes with your own hands or do you rely on someone you trust?

F: Yes, that’s right, I do everything by myself. So, I have been sewing my own clothes and dresses myself, for about three or four years. Before, if I had errands to run, I would get help.

From the point of view of weapons, armor, objects, which are part of every costume, those, on the other hand, I have always made myself.

Me: I can not believe it! I guess there is really a lot of work behind creating a dress. Once, I witnessed the making of a video game character. I found each step really difficult. The creation of the mask on the face, then of the clothes, the color that those clothes must have, the shoes, the weapons. I also saw how that person had to learn to walk and talk like that character.

Can Cosplay help you escape from reality?

Me: Now I would like to ask you a somewhat delicate and personal question. For you, is the idea of creating a dress, learning behavior and emulating a fictional character a way to get away from reality and experience, for a few moments, the existence of another? I would very much like to know your point of view.

F: Quiet, Luna, that’s a question that people often ask me, actually.

Emulation of a character is important. Especially because, as I told you, Cosplay means “Costume play”, therefore: interpreting in costume. So, there is this similarity between the actor, also from Disneyland, who imitates and personifies a character, and the Cosplayer.

I think there are several reasons, basically. So, even a little getting out of everyday life, certainly falls within one of these factors.

Me: Here, in my opinion, there is an important topic to deal with. That is, the fairs.

Fairs to share the passion of Cosplay with others

Me: Fairs are moments of meeting, places, where people spend time with other people with whom they have a passion in common. We celebrate our passion and we share it. I believe that this too can be a way to escape from everyday life.

But I think it’s also a good way to get away from the social world, from the internet, which is slowly taking over people’s lives. It could be a way to meet people, exchange opinions, hug and share a lot.

Do you participate at these meetings?

F: Fairs, as I told you at the beginning, are an integral part of the world of Cosplay. Perhaps, fundamental.

So, we all get together, organize photo shoots. There are competitions, performances, Cosplay groups. So, there is so much behind this world.

Unfortunately, with the Covid emergency, everything came to a standstill. The fairs will start again shortly. And, hopefully, these will regain the success. This is an experience that I invite everyone to do.

Share the passion for Cosplay with the family

F: My parents even came with me to the first fairs when I was a child. So, an experience that I also shared with them. And they appreciated it very much.

There are fairs, such as Lucca Comics and Games, which are also made for families. It can be, indeed, a healthy and truly fun way to have fun.

Cosplay and videogames

Me: At first, you said that your Cosplay is inspired by videogames. This is a topic that interests me very much, because it is connected to my past. You know, my creation is connected to videogames. I am very curious to know what people in your world think about it.

Personally, I find them really fascinating, each with its own scenario, with a defined plot and with different characters.

F: Video games are my workhorse. Let’s say that I was born as an anime and manga Cosplayer, but then, for a couple of years, I stopped a little, I made a few costumes.

I got my revenge thanks to videogames. Actually, to a particular videogame, which I don’t know if you know it, maybe you do. It is called “League of Legends”. I made about thirty, thirty-five costumes in this whole saga, let’s say. So, I recommend this videogame, because it is very fun, cooperative, of strategy. This is a MOBA game, I don’t know if you know what it is.

Videogames are truly my greatest passion.

A collaboration between Cosplay and videogame

Me: Staying in the world of video games, I discovered that you have collaborated with a company. They called you to work with them. I’m wrong?

F: Ah, so you already know that I have collaborated with some videogame house. Yes, I was on the Riot Games Client, just of this videogame I was telling you, of League of Legends. And, still, I collaborate both with them, sporadically, and with other companies. Slowly, I’m trying to make my way into the gaming world. Because it interests me a lot.

Even, my university thesis was precisely on Electronics Sport. So, on video games at a competitive level.

Me: A beautiful path!

Try to reach the finish line

Me: I would like to ask you something important. Can you give some advice to our listeners? I’m sure there are many people who feel the desire to get closer to this world. Sometimes you fear the judgment of others, or you fear not being able to do it. You, what could you tell these people?

F: Look Luna, the advice I feel like giving, the really biggest one, is to start. Ok? Because, if it is something that fascinates us, and we are in doubt, we must always try. Then, maybe, let’s forget it, but the advice I give to newbies, let’s say, to those who really want to start this path, is: try. Try, try, try.

Then, there are many tutorials, they can also write me, for example, on my social networks. I always give a hand to everyone.

So, I always like to know if there is anyone who is tempted to start.

Me: Really good advice! Thank you for the time you have dedicated to me!

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